Welcome to BioConveys Translation Service. We offer high-quality translations of medical texts from English into Polish and Polish into English.


Our translators have scientific backgrounds and are medically trained. All texts are proofread by a native speaker of English before they are sent to clients.


We respond quickly and respect deadlines. We guarantee a good result with each translation.

Medical Translation Service

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When Time is of the Essence

What Makes a Good Medical Translator?

We Translate for the Best

We know how important it is to deliver your translation on time. For example, scientific journals have deadlines, and it is often the case that authors leave the translation of the manuscript until the very last minute. Irrespective of the reason why you need your text to be translated, at BioConvey, we always deliver on time. We also guarantee to provide you with a quote for our service within one hour after sending your text to us (contact@bioconvey.com).

The translation of medical or pharmaceutical texts requires a diverse set of skills. If the job is to be done thoroughly, the translator must be familiar with the terminology used within a particular speciality. The feel  for the nuances is the key to delivering a high-quality translation. Medical jargon, as well as professional terminology, are often intertwined in medical texts, and it is for the translator to decide what phrase or word will stay in the final draft. Our translators had the chance to practice medicine in English speaking countries. They are up to date with the scientific language currently used in scientific journals. These are the primary reasons why we can deliver the highest quality translations to our clients.

We work with universities, pharma companies, clinical research organisations (CROs), hospital and individual scientists. A particular source of pride for us is the fact that some of the publications we have translated made their way to scientific journals with global reach. 

We offer translations of many types of medical text:

Clinical Study Protocols and any type of cliniclal trial documents​

Scientific publications

Articles for the press​





Patients histories/case notes​

Medical device information leaflets/instructions​

Patients brochures​

Executive summaries

Slide decks

We provide quality translations within the following medical specialties:





Internal Medicine​













Pulmonary Medicine​


European Medical Writers Association (EMWA)

A tough selection process

 A British proofreader guarantees quality

The European Association of Medical Writers (EMWA) is a prestigious organisation that unites professional medical writers and translators of scientific text. Our translators take part in the training that is being offered by EMWA. During workshops and lectures, they are able update their knowledge and gain valuable skills.

At BioConvey, there are strict selection criteria for medical translators. Besides holding a bachelors degree from a medical university, our translators must pass the academic version of the IELTS exam (C1 level of language proficiency). These criteria were introduced to maintain the high quality of our services. 

Proofreading is the process of reviewing the final draft of a piece of writing to ensure consistency and accuracy in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting. At BioConvey, our British proofreader is responsible for this part of the job. 

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